U.S. Department of Transportation

Phase One has supported the development of DOT’s Open Government Plan and its subsequent implementation. Open Government initiatives range from prizes and challenges that stimulate problem solving and mission delivery to internal ideation programs that improve employee satisfaction to social media programs that make government more interactive. During 2010 and 2011, Phase One supported the design and launch of several prizes and competitions at DOT, including the Connected Vehicle Technology Challenge (CVTC), as well as the launch of the first department-wide employee ideation and innovation program, IdeaHub. Phase One also helped develop DOT’s first social media policy and the social media toolkit that provides guidance and approval procedures governing the official use of social media tools. 

Why This Matters To You

Prizes and competitions allow the government to use taxpayer dollars to pay only for results because prizes are only awarded to the best solutions to the challenge. Phase One has supported the design of several challenges at DOT that are helping to solve problems that DOT has faced for years. For example, the CVTC strives to answer the question, “If vehicles could talk to each other, what would they say?” This prize will help drive technology development in the emerging intelligent transportation systems industry.

Social media tools also provide an exciting new way for government to interact with the public and stakeholders. The challenge for the government is to balance tensions between security, quality, accessibility, and openness. As such, the social media policy and user guides are critical efforts to ensure that DOT is interacting with the public safely and effectively.

How We Helped

Phase One has been a critical advisor and driver behind the Open Government initiative at DOT. In addition to coordinating the development of the Open Government Plan, Phase One staff supports the implementation of most of the key transformation initiatives detailed in the plan.

We provide the following services and subject matter expertise daily to various DOT programs to complete these initiatives on-time and on-budget: project management, internal policy and guidance development, technology evaluation and configuration, strategic planning, strategic communications and marketing, communications planning and execution, social media strategy and implementation, training and organizational change management, data architecture, legal guidance and consultation, prize design and partnership facilitation, governance and program design, web strategy and development, and baselining and best practice consolidation.

Furthermore, in our capacity as strategic and trusted advisors we have developed a network that includes members of the White House, industry leaders, the press, and senior agency leadership to connect our clients with the right people to drive change.