Department of Transportation

In April 2013, the Department of Transportation hosted it’s first IT Job Shadow Day: Power Up the Future. The IT Job Shadow Day Program is sponsored by the Federal CIO Council – IT Workforce Committee with support from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Federal agencies were encouraged to provide a customized program to showcase IT careers to local high school students and to create interest in future government employment. In order to accomplish this goal, a team with strong program management, communications, and graphic design skills was required to support the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) in collaboration with the Office of Public Engagement.

Why This Matters To You

Recruitment, retention, and training of the government workforce is a high priority for both government and industry. DOT recognized the importance of showcasing IT careers to local high schools to create interest amongst young people in federal service, thus encouraging a much needed pipeline of talent to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire transportation industry.

Power Up the Future: IT Job Shadow Day, sponsored by DOT’s (OCIO) and the Office of Public Engagement, provided a unique op- portunity for students to observe the federal work environment and learn about innovative technology at DOT. In addition, students had the opportunity to learn about possible internships and future career opportunities.

IT Job Shadow Day at DOT exposed high school students to the types of federal IT jobs available, created interest in future govern- ment employment and fostered an ongoing relationship with local high schools. This student outreach is one way DOT is recruiting new hires with fresh talent to help solve challenges in the nation’s transportation systems.

How We Helped

With the support of the Phase One Strategic Communications Team, the OCIO, and Office of Public Engagement delivered a successful IT Job Shadow Day program. Over 80 students from six high schools spent the day at DOT and learned more about IT and transportation.

The Phase One team was instrumental from start to finish in pulling off a successful program. We developed strategic plans, coordinated promotion and registration for the schools, created branded graphics including an information brochure and posters, developed a quiz show, and even staffed the event. We helped set the stage and take care of all background production details so that on the day of the event, DOT staff were free
to work directly with students during each of the program’s sessions and quiz show.

Students and teachers came away from the event having had their expectations exceeded. “My students have not stopped discussing the workshops they attended”, said one teacher.

DOT’s Office of Public Engagement was so excited about the result, they were ready to start planning the next event with Phase One’s support.