United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The Peruvian government needs assistance not only with economic, health, and poverty challenges, but also in enhancing controls and information sharing capabilities to effectively manage and develop government agencies. As part of its democratic institution building, USAID provided funds for the development and implementation of these technologies for the Peruvian government. Ensuring the success for these projects involves coordinating the Government of Peru, the U.S. Mission in Peru, the USAID CIO Office and suppliers.

Why This Matters To You

USAID spends over $1.38B on aid in over 100 countries to: promote broadly shared economic prosperity; strengthen democracy and good governance; improve global health, food security, environmental sustainability and education; help societies prevent and recover from conflicts; and provide humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.

One challenge for USAID is how to develop and transfer knowledge and capabilities to governments. Part of USAID’s work abroad focuses on strengthening democratic institutions such as the Offices
of Budget, Judiciary, Armed Forces and individual Ministries (Economic, Agriculture, Health). Information management and technology are the backbone of these institutions and the support USAID provides to countries and their governments is critical to fulfilling U.S. objectives.

How We Helped

Phase One was requested to provide targeted technical assistance on four potentially at-risk IT projects within the Office of the Controller General, Internal Control Office of Magistrates, and the
National Council of Magistrates. Phase One evaluated the current situation and provided observations, recommendations, and overall strategies and next steps to deal with challenges and issues that threatened to derail the projects.

By utilizing Phase One, the USAID CIO’s office and the Peruvian Mission could gather information, receive an unbiased assessment of the current situation, and recommendations and next steps. These actions by USAID, the Peruvian Mission and Phase One increased the future probability of success for the projects which in turn will strengthen the ability of the Peruvian government to investigate fraud and crime in the future.