The Obama Administration’s Open Government Initiative calls for greater transparency within the Federal Government and increased citizen collaboration and public participation. The goal of the initiative is to promote three core values: increased data transparency, enhanced public participation, and greater public-private collaboration. The Open Government Initiative represents a significant shift in the way Federal agencies conduct business and engage with the public. It is about more than adopting new tools and emerging technologies—it is about affecting real policy and internal culture change to ensure that the government truly becomes more open and collaborative, both internally and externally. Phase One has provided the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Department of the Interior (DOI) with strategy and execution support for their Open Government efforts.

Why This Matters To You

The Open Government Initiative is already transforming the way the Federal Government interacts with citizens. This movement is catalyzing technology, policy, and culture changes that will enable government agencies and elected representatives to provide the public with real-time, mobile, and authoritative information on the performance of our government and use of taxpayer dollars.

For example:

  • Open Government will enable enhanced collaboration between public and private sector organizations.

  • Citizens will be able to follow their elected representatives and Government agencies on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools.

  • eRulemaking initiatives will allow individuals to share ideas and suggestions on important policy changes.

The power of raw government data to provide citizens with relevant information and inform their decisions is already being realized. Public and private organizations, and citizens, must continue to work together to innovate and implement bold strategies to drive American progress and productivity.

How We Helped

Working with our clients at HUD, DOT, and DOI, Phase One led the development of Open Government Plans that exceeded the requirements set forth in OMB’s Open Government Directive. Phase One brought together senior executives within each departmental division to create leadership groups capable of making well-informed and more timely decisions in shortened time frames about strategic issues that otherwise may have taken weeks or months to complete. This process allowed each department to observe the three tenets of Open Government – participation, collaboration, and transparency – while at the same time showing our clients that Phase One has the talent and drive to lead highly visible, cross-departmental tasks.

Our Phase One teams:

  • Developed a methodology to analyze technology, policy, and culture issues that impact Open Government activities; and to identify key planning steps.
  • Supported an Open Government best-practice sharing effort across Federal agencies.
  • Facilitated the identification of our clients’ Open Government goals, objectives, strategies, and key initiatives.
  • Helped ensure HUD, DOT, and DOI successfully met or exceeded all requirements specified in the Open Government Directive on time.