Federal Government of Nigeria and World Bank

The Open Government Alliance, of which Phase One is part, assisted the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) to pursue open government initiatives. An Open Government Action Plan was developed through a series of stakeholder workshops and consultation sessions with government, private sector and civil society participants. The Action Plan specifies the range of investments already made by the FGN to strengthen open government in Nigeria, and outlines concrete commitments to tackle three grand challenges facing FGN: 1) fighting administrative corruption, 2) increasing public accountability and integrity and 3) increasing innovation in government entities, civil society organizations and small business to better exploit increasingly available government data.

Why This Matters To You

Addressing Nigeria’s challenges through an open government approach is expected to significantly impact citizens’ trust in government by creating a more informed citizenry; increase foreign trade and investment in Nigeria through availability of more information on the Nigerian economy; and growth of the Nigerian software industry underpinned by innovation around open data and data intensive services.

The process for opening government data and strengthening the innovation ecosystem are interrelated. Opening government data fuels the development of innovations – both within government and in the larger innovation ecosystem. To fuel the innovation ecosystem through the release of government data, the government itself must have processes in place for monitoring current and emerging needs of stakeholders – whether citizen, civil society, the private sector, international investors or government itself.

How We Helped

Assistance is being provided in the form of five deliverables related to open government and an innovation economy. The work is being closely coordinated with the relevant focal points from the FGN Ministry of Communication Technology and the World Bank team.

The deliverables are a draft Open Government Partnership Action Plan, a quick assessment of the readiness of the FGN to deliver on that Action Plan, two roadmaps (Open Data and Technology) to guide future investments in open government in the FGN, and a related high-level cost estimate for meeting the commitments and implementing the roadmaps.

The roadmaps were developed to define and sequence the relevant technology related activities to enable the establishment of open government within the FGN.

The technology selection is driven by the open government conceptual architecture which is based on a centralized data store and collecting data from the various MDAs. The activities to achieve the conceptual architecture are grouped into four layers: Information Layer, Infrastructure Layer, Presentation Layer, and Cyber Security Layer.