U.S. Department of Transportation

The Federal government invests over $70B per year in information technology (IT), and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is moving Federal agencies towards more transparency and oversight of Federal IT in order to deliver more value to the American taxpayer. In June 2009, OMB launched the IT Dashboard to track Federal IT initiatives and hold the government accountable for their IT spending. The Department of Transportation (DOT) took a step toward becoming more transparent by launching their internal IT Vital Signs Dashboard in April 2011. The DOT IT Vitals Dashboard tracks the "health" of IT within the department and DOT's Operating Administrations (OAs) and focuses on cybersecurity, investment management, and support to major enterprise IT initiatives.

Why This Matters To You

Through the IT Vital Signs Dashboard, DOT employees will have the ability to see the overall "health" of IT at the department, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time. DOT's CIO encourages OA CIOs to leverage successes throughout the organization to allow the entire department to improve their IT posture. The idea behind this dashboard is for everyone to see areas that are doing well and areas that contain opportunities for improvement.

The IT Vital Signs Dashboard provides:

  • Transparency and accountability required by OMB
  • A first step in demonstrating progress towards IT reform at DOT
  • The health of IT at the department and within the OAs

IT Vital Signs demonstrates the overall health of DOT's IT programs and focuses on three priority goals: (1) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, (2) IT Investment Management, and (3) Support to Major Enterprise Initiatives. With the IT Vitals Dashboard, OA CIOs can evaluate and update select data on a regular basis.

How We Helped

The Phase One team designed and developed the look and feel of the dashboard itself as well as worked with DOT to develop the metrics that are included on the dashboard.

Since becoming more transparent is often met with resistance, managing change is very important. Therefore, Phase One and DOT spent considerable time coordinating with the OA CIOs and Information System Security Officers (ISSOs) on metric descriptions, context and calculations to ensure everyone was comfortable with what was being measured.

Additional tasks included:

  • Identified the metrics and calculations that should be tracked on the IT Vital Sign Dashboard
  • Identified the authoritative DOT data sources that collect the information to evaluate these metrics
  • Designed the IT Vital Sign Dashboard Website
  • Deployed and provided support for the operation of the IT Vital Sign Dashboard