U.S. Department of Transportation
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) protects people and the environment from the risks inherent in transportation of hazardous materials - by pipeline and other modes of transportation. The agency maintains several systems and collaboration tools to support collaboration between the headquarters in Washington, DC and its large field contingent.

In June 2011, PHMSA wanted to upgrade its SharePoint infrastructure and obtain efficiencies by using the Department of Transportation’s IT collaboration shared service. PHMSA wanted to use a structured, coordinated, and programmatic approach towards consolidating their content systems and manual processes into one collaboration platform.

Why This Matters To You

Our pipelines need to deliver vital fuels in a safe and efficient manner. There is enough pipeline mileage to wrap around the world one hundred times. Pipelines are close to our homes, offices, schools—almost everywhere.

PHMSA needs to effectively communicate and enforce standards and rules as well as coordinate in case of emergency. The agency needs a strong collaboration between its policy makers and its operators / inspectors in the field to facilitate efficient and safe operations and to reduce risks to our environment and communities.

This initiative is creating a faster, more reliable communication channel between headquarters and the field operations. By moving to a shared services infrastructure and consolidating its old systems, the agency will deliver innovation, cost-savings and improved services to employees and ensure a safer environment for citizens.

How We Helped

Phase One is a recognized leader in the architecture and migra- tion of collaboration systems and SharePoint within Department of Transportation. Phase One worked with the PHMSA OCIO to identify legacy systems, data warehouses, and system inter- faces, then integrated them with SharePoint. The team made sure that all data, processes, workflows, and custom system capabilities were migrated into a new service-oriented Share- Point collaboration environment. This was done efficiently and with minimum inconvenience to the end users. The successful initiative included migration of hundreds of SharePoint site collections with customized systems and components.

Phase One continues to advise PHMSA on SharePoint best practices and capabilities to increase collaboration and business process automation, thus helping them improve transparency and productivity.