U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognized the need for better access to health care for veterans. One of the challenges is that veterans are increasingly spread out across a wide geographical area. Doctors need to be able to easily access veteran healthcare records so they can provide the necessary care. Challenges such as this prompted the VA to make “Enhance the Veteran Experience and Access to Health Care (EVEAH)” one of sixteen VA Major Initiatives. Achievement of this initiative includes an increased responsiveness of hospital staff to the needs of veterans and to their families, and increased overall customer satisfaction in VA healthcare. 

Why This Matters To You

It’s about improving services for our Veterans and it is one of the President’s major initiatives. The President and Secretary of VA are focused on improving the veteran health care experience and paying back the debt of honor owed to the men and women, and their families, who have served the United States of America. By improving veteran healthcare, we will not only assist veterans and families by providing people-centric, results-driven healthcare, we will also save American taxpayers’ money by streamlining the healthcare process and making it more efficient. 

Each of the systems that make up this initiative directly support the effort to improve veteran quality of care, and many of the systems have significant dependencies between one another. For example, the Surgical Quality & Workflow Management system goal is to improve quality and consistency of care for Veteran surgical patients. The Bed Management Solution system supports this effort by providing a modernized bed management and bed hold capability so that health care personnel can assign patients to a certain room with any special requirements or equipment.

How We Helped

Phase One provides business and technical services to VA, providing successful solutions to several systems that together work to improve the quality of health care at the VA Medical Centers (VAMCs). These solutions result in fewer delays in care, overall increased access to care and transparency and allows Veterans, families, and health care to providers to make informed decisions for improved patient results.

Phase One’s user-centric focus and analysis has transformed the systems that veterans and their health care providers access. We employ stakeholder requirements workshops to get to the heart of the requirements, user experience, and paths to delivery.

Phase One is heavily involved in project management, engineering, business requirements and analysis, systems development, and interface design for several of the major EVEAH systems.

Phase One has also created a seamless integration of the public website on quality of care by incorporating a newly designed user experience within the VA’s existing enterprise content management system and database structure.