Updated POCG Site

Hello everyone ... big news today is the updated POCG site.  I have already been receiving very favorable feedback on the clean and organized look and feel of the new site.  Please keep the feedback coming!  

There have been some questions concerning the imagery on the site.  What is with the buildings?  Let's discuss ....

When I think about the work that we do, and the way that we approach it, some key concepts come to mind.  First and foremost, we strive to approach our work with a design eye.  By this I mean that our work is precise, customer oriented, uncluttered, and well conceived.  When people see Phase One work, it stands out and is recognized.  There was a government executive speaking at a conference, and another government executive texted me and said, "nice job on the slides ... I can tell they are from Phase One."

The next concept that comes to mind is our focus on the future.  We want to create the future, whether it creating the plan for the future or developing and deploying the actual solutions of the future.  Phase One work is generally very forward leaning, and reflects what things should become, not what they are or have been in the past.  We want to make things better ... and it starts with being modern and future oriented.

The last concept that comes to mind is stability.  Phase One is a stable firm that has grown year over year, despite shutdowns and downturns.  We have stable client relationships and we create stable plans and solutions that are reasonable, feasible, and doable.  There are plenty of firms that deliver flaky work ... Phase One delivers strong, stable solutions for our clients.

Design ... future ... stability.  Phase One is a unique place that does unique work.  Congrats to everyone involved with making Phase One a special place.