Taking Tech to Africa

Phase One specializes in bringing modern solutions to the needs of its Federal, Commercial, and International clients.  I was recently in Palo Alto and found myself explaining the complexities of the Federal missions to a very prominent incubator.  Their eyes widened as I explained the complexities of the Federal sector and the interconnectedness of the missions themselves. Bureaucracy and budgets are tough, but in many instances the complexities of these missions themselves are the very real challenge.  Only through the use of modern technologies, and the finesse of a change and innovation oriented firm, can real progress be made.

We face these very real challenges in Federal, but what about International?  In parts of the world, governance is a very real issue.  The challenges we face in the U.S. market are often small compared to the macro governance challenges in some nations.  I reflect today on Namibia's outgoing president, Hifikepunye Pohamba, who has just won the Mo Ibrahim Foundation's $5 million African leadership prize.  This prize is designed to be awarded to a leader who has been democratically elected, has left office in the last three years, has only served their constitutionally mandated term, and has displayed "exceptional leadership".  The prize has only been awarded 4 times, in its 8 year existence.

Phase One's leadership in the Open Government movement has given us unique perspective on counties as they tackle their issues of governance.  Technology plays a key role in the development, or re-development of a nation's operating infrastructure.  In Africa, much can be gained through the use of technology as a cornerstone to international development.  The historical development functions of health and agriculture can be drastically enhanced through the introduction of technology to aid in sustainable governance, services to citizens, and NGO-driven data gathering and analytics.  Technology is not a Western asset ... it is a human asset.  The increased pace of innovation due to social and technical connectivity, must be brought to the real and present challenges in Africa.  Phase One stands committed to this challenge.

Phase One is proud to be a Champion Sponsor of the 2015 Africare CODA Corporate Summit.  The event is designed to celebrate the tremendous and growing potential for partnerships between Africans and responsible global investors, like Phase One.  Additionally, this year Africare will be honoring Donald Kaberuka for his leadership of the African Development Bank.  The event is an important gathering of those who are concerned about Africa's development.  As a technology firm, Phase One is passionate about rising to the next level of challenges in Africa.  

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