Phase One Awarded $503M Government-wide Salesforce BPA

As the Federal IT community embraces FITARA and the modernization of Federal IT, the GSA moved to support Agencies by establishing a groundbreaking contract for Salesforce related services.  Six awardees, including Phase One, were named by GSA to the $503M Salesforce Implementation, Integration, and Support Services (SIISS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). This multiple-award, government-wide BPA consolidates the government’s Salesforce technical development, operations and maintenance, and implementation strategy requirements into one procurement vehicle.  

The establishment of this government-wide BPA is an embrace of the Salesforce Platform as a Service (PaaS) capability, whose promise is nothing short of revolutionizing the way that applications are developed and delivered by Federal Agencies.  As Agencies began to target their bloated legacy application costs, their demand for more Salesforce services from the best integrators was the driving force behind the establishment of this BPA.  Major Agencies are targeting 50% reduction in application and infrastructure O&M expenditures by moving quickly to the Salesforce PaaS offering.

“The Salesforce BPA is a significant step forward in supporting FITARA, our customers, and improving acquisition efficiency and effectiveness in the Federal Government.  This unique, first-of-its-kind, cross-agency initiative will reduce the number of duplicative contracts for these services and lower overall costs by leveraging the buying power of the government into a consolidated services vehicle,” -- Tom Sharpe, FAS Commissioner

“This new solution brings together the best of the Administration’s efforts to drive category management and increase innovation in the delivery of IT.  By driving agencies to these BPAs, we will be able to leverage industry’s agile talent while ensuring that we deliver the best value for the American taxpayer.”  - Anne Rung, U.S. Chief Acquisition Officer.

"We are at the start of a transformative period in Federal IT.  Nothing in the last 20 years holds the same transformative promise of PaaS.  It is cheaper, it is more secure, and it allows Agencies to change more quickly than ever before.  What took 5 years, now takes 5 months.  Hundreds of millions in O&M expenditures will be wiped out, and hopefully re-purposed to badly needed DME for the Federal missions that need new applications." - Jerad Speigel, CEO, Phase One.

This BPA actively supports FITARA by establishing standards that make it possible for agencies to reuse and share hundreds of applications and public-facing community portals in support of tens of thousands of users. It also provides a single government-wide vehicle that can replace numerous agency-specific contracts, reducing both contract duplication and contract administration costs for the government.

The requirements for these BPAs were developed collaboratively by an interagency team of subject matter experts and represent a collaborative, governmentwide approach to developing stringent technical requirements and establishing source selection requirements. The BPAs were competitive between vendors offering Salesforce integration and implementation services on GSA’s IT Schedule 70, leveraging government spending power and consolidating requirements from multiple agencies. The new BPAs are available to all federal government agencies eligible to order from the GSA Schedule program.

For more information visit the GSA Website.