'Tis the Season

It is that time of year ... families and friends are gathered to share the most special moments.  We are reminded of how fortunate we are and how this life that we share with others is so extremely special.  Whether you are spending time with a few or many, it is impossible not to think of how we all need one another, not just in this season but throughout the year. At Phase One we are in the professional service and solution delivery industries.  I think many who provide professional services and solutions for a living forget their primary focus of service to others.  This is a shame as, in my opinion, service to others is the most noble of callings.   Services can be provided in many ways, but at Phase One our core value is to deliver services with humility.  This doesn't mean staring at your toes ... this means thinking of others, and in fact it means thinking of yourself less.  During this season, I find it unavoidable to reflect on those who we humbly serve.  I don't mean just our government clients, but really the citizens who, in many instances, are truly needing services that are delivered year round.

I think of the first time homeless family spending the holiday in their car (HUD).  I think of the traveling public getting safely to and from family during this holiday season (DOT & DHS).  I think of the men and women deployed in dangerous environments (DOD), and the men and women who have returned (VA).  I think of the pensioners who need support when their companies go out of business (PBGC).  I think of the commodities markets that American investors rely upon for retirement savings (CFTC).  I think of the men and women that serve our natural resources (DOI & Forest Service) and who keep us safe when goods are imported (APHIS & DHS).  I think of the families who are celebrating the holiday return of their college child, who might be the first in their family to attend higher education (Federal Student Aid).

There are so many missions that we are allowed to humbly serve, and in this season I call on everyone to spend some time thinking of these people, their needs, and how we are fortunate to be called into humble service of others.


Happy Holiday!

- Jerad