Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture Published

OMB released both the Federal Shared Services Strategy (more on this later) and the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture (links below).  In the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture (which replaces the Practical Guide to Federal EA) is the first published overview of the new Collaborative Planning Methodology (CPM) (starting on page 15) … the next generation of the FSAM.  The work goes on to get the full CPM assembled and ready for Federal-wide review but the overview in the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture is an important first official communication point for this important Federal asset. Phase One has been co-leading the development of the CPM with Scott Bernard from OMB and with Randy Hite (the former GAO lead for EA assessments and father of the EAMMF).  The CPM is designed to re-define the architecture discipline in the larger role of "planning" and to integrate the planning that we do as architects with the planning that is performed by other disciplines such as capital planning, records planning, security planning, performance planning, etc.  As we have been espousing for years, EA is about performing actionable planning to bring about some form of change to make things better for our clients.  The CPM brings this long espoused Phase One vision into full view as a Federal methodology for everyone to use.

In summary, the text from the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture can speak for itself:

"The role of an enterprise architect is to help facilitate and support a common understanding of needs, help formulate recommendations to meet those needs, and facilitate the development of a plan of action that is grounded in an integrated view of not just technology planning, but the full spectrum of planning disciplines to include mission/business planning, capital planning, security planning, infrastructure planning, human capital planning, performance planning, and records planning."

Many at Phase One have helped to evolve the thinking and expectations of EA over the years and I'm proud to say that the CPM is more grounded in Phase One's thinking than any other EA guidance from OMB to date!