OMB Provides Further Guidance to Agencies for EA Segment Reports and EA Self-Assessments

On August 17, 2009, OMB issued a memo providing guidance to agencies for Q4 FY2009 Enterprise Architecture (EA) Segment Reports (EASR) and Q1 FY2010 Enterprise Architecture Self-Assessments.
Most noteably, agencies are not required to provide OMB any EA self-assessment information for the month of August. The EA Assessment Framework (EAAF) will be revised and issued in September, with select reporting requirements resuming shortly thereafter.
By September 18th 2009, agencies must update the EASR Segment “Identification” and “Performance” sections. All segments must have an updated Identification section and Complete and In-Progress segments must have an updated Performance section. After September 18th, OMB will integrate the Exhibit 53 data into the EASR. The EASR Mappings, Transition Planning, and Reuse sections will be restructured under an EASR Investment section and collected on a per investment basis during October 2009.