SOA vs. Cloud

Obviously these are apples and oranges – but what do they have in common? Two things. First, they seem to draw the most crowds at sessions at IT and EA conferences, with Cloud computing now being the hot topic. Second, both are doomed to failure without EA acting as a change agent. This is because the greatest promise of both approaches comes to fruition when you can do things like leverage information and services across the organization. This is most effective when you can re-factor your applications and data so they can be exposed, and thus moved to a cloud or leveraged in a SOA environment in a way that brings agility and new ways of combining and using the organization's information capital. Good luck getting there without breaking down the silos and overcoming the hurdles that EA is addressing. That is, if your EA program views itself as a change agent. Otherwise, EA, SOA, and Cloud are all just rotten apples.