Is EA a mature discipline?

It was not in the too distant past that EA conferences felt more like therapy sessions for Architects whose visions were not seeing the light of day. EA is only successful if you can bring organizations together to implement solutions that benefit the larger organization as well as individual business units. And therein lies the crux of the issue. To achieve success, we need to somehow overcome organizational, financial, and political issues.  We had all the ingredients - frameworks, tools, repositories, knowledge, talent, and willpower, but somehow that was not enough. 

Things are different today. Why? We finally have methodologies like FSAM (Federal Segment Architecture Methodology) It provides not only the recipe to make sense of all the EA ingredients, but far more importantly, it bakes in approaches that facilitate consensus and buy-in across the organization. This is effectively turning EA into a change management agent – out of necessity – and much more successful. The same EA conferences are now all about examples of success and how to make the next big ideas actually implementable - like SOA and Cloud computing. EA is growing up. We’ve come a long way baby!