Federal Performance Management Solution

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Here is the overview that I posted on their website:

What is the idea?

The ARRA guidance requires capture of performance milestones from the agencies (program plans) and requires that prime recipients of ARRA funds submit quarterly performance and spending reports. The solution could go a few steps further to morph into a Federal Performance Management Solution that stores all agency performance plan milestones, and requires that Federal agencies report how all contract and grant solicitations will help achieve the agency performance milestones. Then, when the awards of contracts and grants are made, the recipients of those contracts and grants can report progress that then can roll up to the agency's larger performance milestones. The end result would be performance reporting for all federal expenditures that would include all agencies, their performance milestones, how those milestones are supported by contracts and grants, and whether the recipients are performing in fulfillment of the agency milestones. This could easily be expended from ARRA related spending to all federal contracts and grant spending.

Why is it important?

A Federal Performance Management Solution would fully achieve the Administration's open government and transparency agenda from the perspective of spending accountability and performance traceability. This solution would extend the agenda originally articulated in FFATA to include full traceability back to agency performance milestones. This solution will benefit the public by showing how agency spending supports the larger agency milestones and how the recipients of contract and grant funds are acting in alignment with the agency strategy and milestones.