Transparency and the Recovery Act

The signing of the Recovery Act is upon us and this presents many national opportunities. Beyond the spending aspect of the act, there is an emphasis on the transparency and open government aspects of how this legislation will be implemented. In the early days of the administration the President made it clear that open government and transparency were the new way of doing business. Now, the Recovery Act is strengthening this approach by specifically calling for transparency in reporting. Not only will the public be able to track how much the federal government has obligated and disbursed, but now for the first time the public will have visibility into how that money has been used and who else received it.

For instance, if the Department of Agriculture gives a block grant to the state of California for $100B then the state of California will have to tell the public how it used those funds, which contracts and grants did it award using those funds (and to whom), and what types of benefits the public received for those funds.

This extended transparency provides a longer reach into how tax dollars are being used. No longer are we simply tracking what goes in and out of the US Treasury -- now we will have visibility into how funds are used by those who receive these grants and contracts!

Check out the website by clicking here. Also, here is Obama's video introducing the site: