Africare ICT is a ground-breaking alliance between Africare, the largest Africa-centric NGO, and Phase One, a global leader in modern IT solutions; to serve Africa with information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.  Through Africare ICT, Africare and Phase One are partnering with local organizations to better understand country-specific needs and make recommendations for how ICT can be used to meet those needs rapidly. Africare ICT implements the information and communications solutions in-country, greatly benefiting from local knowledge and Africare's trusted country presence.

Africare is committed to leveraging ICT to expand the impact of our programs to larger scales and to deepen our impact in the lives of individual Africans. Launching Africare ICT is a transformative moment for Africare and how we partner with the communities we serve.
— Darius Mans, President, Africare
IT solutions will quicken the rate at which African societies are strengthened. In the next 10 years, African nations can achieve 100 years of progress through the use of IT.
— Jerad Speigel, CEO, Phase One